Thank you teacher gifts

Why your teacher deserves a thank you gift

The end of term is looming!

So for all you organised Mums and Dads our personalised teacher gifts are now available to order.

Here are 5 great reasons why your teacher deserves a thank you gift.

1) Teachers are one of the most crucial figures in our children’s lives, supporting nurturing and inspiring them every single day. So it’s important to say ‘Thank You’ for being not only an amazing teacher but for all that they do throughout the year for your child and their class.

2) Teachers deserve it – After all they spend more time with your child each day than you do!

3) It teaches your child to show gratitude for all that their teachers have done for them throughout the year.

Why not say thank you with a personalised and thoughtful gift?

4) Thank them for helping your child to grow and show them how appreciated they are with an end of term gift.

5) Not only are you buying a gift for the teacher to remember your child/ren but you are supporting a small business. 

So whether you want a gift just from your child or something from the whole class we have something for you.

We can create the perfect present to help show your wonderful teacher they are loved and valued and all their hard work is truly appreciated

Why not say a big THANK YOU to your wonderful teachers for all the hard work they have done this year with a truly thoughtful gift they can enjoy for years to come.

After all they do deserve it!

Need some inspiration? Why not head over to our thank you section for ideas.

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