The Sweet Dimple Story started in 2009 when we were desperately searching for a contemporary, personalised Christening gift for a friend. Frightened off by the usual array of silver brushes and engraved napkin rings (what baby really needs one of these!) we decided the only solution was to create one for ourselves.
As two graphic designers with a love of typography, clean-cut modern design and all things ‘vintage’ our first product was born. The positive reaction it received spurred us on to produce more personalised, framed artworks, which celebrate some of life’s other poignant milestones. Four years on our collection features over 30 designs and continues to sprout new growth by the month! This autumn we are venturing into Wedding Invitation design and have a range of personalised Christmas products, which we launched in October.

What’s our backgrounds: Sally comes from a textile design training, having spent time working in studios in Italy, and in the fashion industry in both London and Sydney. She ran her own studio for many years and met Natalie whilst they were both working as art editors/designers for a greeting card publisher. Natalie’s background is graphics based, having worked for a high street stationary supplier, before freelancing for several years.

Our shared passion for the entire creative process from the initial hunt for those perfect ’50’s pearl buttons, to gift-wrapping the final product provides us with a constant buzz of inspiration. The enjoyment we get from creating a new artwork for a customer that really hits the spot is one of the best feelings in the world.
What inspires us: Without sounding too cheesy, each other quite often!
We appreciate each other’s eclectic taste and style and our combined individual strengths, seem to work well in terms of running a growing business together.

Other design influences: ‘Scandi’ design, the V&A, Greyson Perry’s refreshing approach to the art world, Jonathan Adler’s ceramics, travel, a good rummage at a car boot sale, a stroll through ‘Liberty’s’ and a blustery walk with the kids and Alfie the dog!

Finally what’s in the name ‘Sweet Dimple’?
We want to provide you with the perfect bespoke gift to celebrate that important occasion; in doing so we hope we can help bring a big fat smile to the recipient’s cheeks!

Tell us what you think
We love to hear from our customers! If you have any feedback from us about the service you’ve received or ways we can improve then please get in touch!